Department C Incorporated (DCI) is an engineering research and development company with over 4 decades of engineering, business, and policy experience in the networking and Internet arena. It develops innovative networking products, solutions, and intellectual property. Expertise includes WiFi, embedded systems, IoT, NFC Tags, PKI, secure email, HSM design, protocols: LDAP, TCP/IP, DNS, IPX, Q.921/931, H.323, X.509, DECNET, X.25, UUCP, MEP2, BiSync, SNA/SDLC. DNSSEC, NAT

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Net Witness Services
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Net Witness Services Patented

"Your proof of being seen"
Since 2006

What We Do:
Email ( what you want to make public, we dont care what it is - text, picture, movie, software whatever - and NetWitness will attest to when it was seen on the Internet. Then, anytime the document is resubmitted by anyone in the original To/Cc/From fields, NetWitness will respond with when the document was first seen. Try it...

How it works:
Our email servers calculate cryptographic hashes of any content associated with an email - on the fly, timestamps it, and creates a hash blockchain of these records. Netwitness patened technology then publishes snapshots of current blockchain hashes on the Internet and records when it has been indexed by various search engines. By doing so Netwitness creates a verifiable record of your content having been witnessed and timestamped.

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