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DC Communications Incorporated (DCI) is an engineering research and development company with many decades of engineering, business, and policy experience in the networking and Internet arena. It develops innovative networking products, solutions and intelectual property. Networking protocol expertise includes TCP/IP, DNS, IPX, Q.921/931, H.323, X.509, DECNET, X.25, UUCP, MEP2, BiSync, SNA/SDLC. DNSSEC, embedded systems, IoT, (more)

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Today's Focus:

S/MIME Public Key Server
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S/MIME Public Key Server

Want to avoid this? Then turn on S/MIME. Its been in your email client for over a decade.

Send a signed email (without body) to ldapx@ends2ends.com to publish your key.

Add ldapx.ends2ends.com as an address book in Outlook* or other email client.

Need a free S/MIME certificate? Try Actalis.it

*File->Account Settings->Address Books->New->LDAP->Next->Server Name=ldapx.ends2ends.com (defaults,389 or 636/SSL)

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